Using the LSB Bootscripts

DJ Lucas dj at
Mon May 9 13:57:24 PDT 2011

Jeremy Huntwork <jhuntwork at> wrote:

>On 5/9/11 2:53 AM, DJ Lucas wrote:
>> The simple solution is to stop networking before applying changes.
>Yes, I know. :) But in practice that becomes an annoyance. Admins used 
>to working Fedora/Debian/Ubuntu or others assume that changing the 
>config and running 'service network restart' is sufficient.

You know what? I think we are over thinking this. How about a state file? Upon successful initialization of an interface, copy the config file to a subdir of /run/network. The ifdown script sources the running copy if it exists and removes it on successful stop of the interface, or ip down interface if it does not exist and exits 0.

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