Various Texinfo fixes

Ken Moffat ken at
Sun May 1 15:31:00 PDT 2011

On Sun, May 01, 2011 at 05:12:29PM -0500, William Immendorf wrote:
> I've noticed that Texinfo has not been updated very much at all as far
> as the tarballs go. Well, there are quite a few issues so far, the
> most annoying one is that info just shows a blank screen for the file
> list, which you really can't do anything with. Well, I have compiled a
> list of fixes, mostly from Fedora, that fix some issues with Texinfo,
> including the blank info screen problem I mentioned eariler. The patch
> is attached, please give me feedback on it.

 Can you be more specific about this 'most annoying' problem, please
?  I haven't built a new system recently, but the system I'm using
at the moment [ 20101229 with newer groff and xz-utils ] shows the
following in 'info' on my completed system -
* Menu:

* Cpio: (cpio).                 Copy-in-copy-out archiver to tape or
* disk.
* Tar: (tar).                   Making tape (or disk) archives.

* Bash: (bash).                 The GNU Bourne-Again SHell.
* Common options: (inetutils)Common options.
                                Common options.
* Ed: (ed).                     The GNU line editor
* Inetutils: (inetutils).       GNU networking utilities.
* Coreutils: (coreutils).       Core GNU (file, text, shell)
* utilities.
* Date input formats: (coreutils)Date input formats.
* File permissions: (coreutils)File permissions.
                                Access modes.
* Finding files: (find).        Operating on files matching certain
* criteria.

C++ libraries
* autosprintf: (autosprintf).   Support for printf format strings in
* C++.

* Gzip: (gzip).                 General (de)compression of files
* (lzw).

* Com_err: (com_err).           A Common Error Description Library
* for UNIX.

(and so forth).

 Is this, perhaps, a problem with a newer version of something else,
e.g. gcc-4.6 ?  Perhaps I'm misinterpreting what you mean by "file

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