Bryan Kadzban bryan at
Mon Jun 27 20:53:09 PDT 2011

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> Does anyone think we need to revert back to the partial build?  The
> only real issue is whether we want to build these modules statically.
> I think we can leave things as they are and revert if someone reports
> a problem.

It *may* make sense to run a diff test (IIRC: build from a random host
using the book instructions, make a copy, then build the same version of
the book again, from within the just-built system, and diff the two --
though perhaps the test only requires doing chapter 6 again?  don't
remember for sure).  But that's a fair bit of work, and I don't recall
how exactly to run that test anymore either.

(To make sure we're not introducing reproducibility problems.)

Either way, though, looks fine to me.  It'd be hard to imagine the full
build of perl in chapter 5 having much effect on the end system -- the
dynamic modules bit is the only difference, but I think it'd be hard for
that to cause a diff in the output binaries.

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