"unknown HZ value" message still appears in procps utils

Gilles Espinasse g.esp at free.fr
Tue Jun 7 03:42:08 PDT 2011

Selon LANOUX Bertrand <lanouxb at yahoo.fr>:

> Hi all,
> I have noticed the "unknown HZ value" message still appears at boot time and
> under some unpredictable circumstances when running the ps command, even
> after applying the procps-3.2.8-fix_HZ_errors-1.patch (I currently use a SMP,
> tickless kernel).
> So after looking inside the procps code and patch, I deduced the
> linux_version_code variable was not correctly valued. After starting to make
> my own patch, I came across a similar issue when looking over the net (seen
> on
> It seems the constructor functions don't run as the package expect on recent
> libgcc.
> After applying it, the message definitively disappeared. The patch is
> attached (another solution is to prioritize the constructor functions).
> It works well since quite a while for me now, so may it be taken into account
> for those who have encountered the same inconvenience. Have a look ?
> Thanks for reading,
>         Bertrand.
the upstream code does not use the changes in
only the __attribute__((constructor)) fix

I was mostly ready to report too, had a diff made from cvs upstream but this
disk crashed 2 days ago.


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