Partial update of bootscripts

DJ Lucas dj at
Wed Jul 20 00:12:34 PDT 2011

On 07/14/2011 09:13 PM, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>   Group networking scripts and explain how the are configured.
> Also, I'm thinking of moving the current 'network' config file to 
> init_params since it is only defines one environment variable.  If we 
> leave it as a separate file, it should be renamed to 'hostname'.
> I also want to put the configuration of sysklogd in init_params.  That 
> requires a minor change to the init.d/sysklogd script that I haven't 
> made yet.
> I deleted the contrib section because I think it has mostly been 
> incorporated into the new scripts.  For LSB, we need to add init-tools 
> to BLFS.
And add in /lib/lsb/initd_functions (either by symlink if it is extended 
to account for all of the functions, or by separate file) and LSB headers.
> Feedback is welcome.
>   -- Bruce 
I didn't get a chance to install yet, but did a quick walk through, and 
barring any simple errors, they look good, nice and clean too. More time 
tomorrow hopefully. Suggestions: need to add LSB headers to all of the 
scripts -- even though they are not LSB scripts (and LSB does not 
require them to be), we still need to be able to track the dependencies 
in order to use the LSB tools {install,remove}_initd if you still want 
to go after LSB as a possible goal to be completed in BLFS. Boot logging 
would be a major request by me as it's been requested several times in 
the past. Every distro provides this now and it might be expected by 
some users (especially nice to have on headless systems). Also, since 
if{up,down} will be system tools, they need to have help text added at 
very least on error...but wait to see what happens when/if the single 
config is done.

-- DJ Lucas

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