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Thu Jul 14 19:13:52 PDT 2011

Top posting to be more complete:

I've completed the rewrite of the bootscripts (attached).  From the 

* Major rewrite of all LFS scripts
** Move ifup/ifdown to /sbin
** Move functions and network services to /lib/boot
** Remove contrib directory
** Move all READ commands to functions and allow the user to specify
    HEADLESS=1 to skip READ commands
** Add /etc/sysconfig/init_params for adding environmental parameters
    to all functions used in bootscripts
** Move network configuration to /etc/sysconfig/ifconfig.*.  The
    ifconfig files can have any extention.  Use IFACE parameter to
    specify the target network interface within the configuration file.
** Adds an optional parameter, SKIPTMPCLEAN, to skip the removal of
    files in /tmp at bootup.  Specify the variable in

   Reorganize/update Chapter 7 of the book.
   Move 6.60.2. Configuring Sysvinit to Chapter 7 and explain the
   configuration file.
   Separate bootscript sections from log on script sections.
   Group networking scripts and explain how the are configured.

Also, I'm thinking of moving the current 'network' config file to 
init_params since it is only defines one environment variable.  If we 
leave it as a separate file, it should be renamed to 'hostname'.

I also want to put the configuration of sysklogd in init_params.  That 
requires a minor change to the init.d/sysklogd script that I haven't 
made yet.

I deleted the contrib section because I think it has mostly been 
incorporated into the new scripts.  For LSB, we need to add init-tools 
to BLFS.

Feedback is welcome.

   -- Bruce

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> I've done a partial rewrite of the bootscripts and want to put them out 
> for comment.
> What I have done:
> 1. Moved the functions file to /lib/boot/.  For now, the Makefile also 
> puts a copy of functions in init.d (it probably should be a symlink) for 
> backward compatibility.
> 2. Moved some boot functions from the functions file to the rc file.
> 3. Added the capability to source /etc/sysconfig/init_params for setting 
> environment variables for use by the boot scripts.
> 4. Changed error handling of messages to allow the user to skip a "Press 
>  Enter" in the case of critical errors (the system just goes immediately 
> to a halt or reboot).  This is done with setting
> in /etc/sysconfig/init_params.
> 5. Updated udev_retry to handle the /run directory for events that occur 
> between starting udevd and mounting / read/write.  Actually this script 
> may need to be reviewed in more detail, because /run is always mounted 
> r/w before udevd is started.
> 6. Miscellaneous formatting and header updates.
> What I have not done yet:
> 1.  Made any changes to the network configuration.  This will encompass 
> moving ifup and ifdown to /sbin as well as adding some module files to 
> /lib/boot/.
> 2.  Added lsb init scripts (install_initd, remove_initd).
> 3.  Move the creation of inittab from Section 6.60 to Chapter 7.  I 
> think this needs to be done to be able to have all the boot issues in 
> one place in the book and there explain the inittab file a little better.
>   -- Bruce

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