Partial update of bootscripts

Bryan Kadzban bryan at
Sun Jul 10 23:37:05 PDT 2011

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> 5. Updated udev_retry to handle the /run directory for events that
> occur between starting udevd and mounting / read/write.

Good, it's using the same thing the rule_generator.functions file is
using (see choose_rules_file): "udevadm info --run".

Though it looks a little strange to be searching $PATH for udevadm
there, yet be specifying /sbin/udevadm through the rest of the script.
Consistency might be good.

It actually probably makes sense to pull this out into its own change?
We'll need it with newer udev versions no matter what happens to the
rest (and maybe current udev versions; I'm not sure).  Up to you though.

> Actually this script may need to be reviewed in more detail, because
> /run is always mounted r/w before udevd is started.

Hmm, not sure this why this matters?  :-)

/run is mounted read-write, yes -- that's the only reason these rules
files would have been successfully written there.  This whole setup is
here to catch the case where the rules are generated before the *root*
FS is mounted read-write (so /etc/udev/rules.d is not writable).  And
AFAIK the root FS can't be mounted read-write before udevadm trigger
happens, unless I'm missing something.  (Because the root FS's device
node is not present.)

(What I've looked at of the rest -- basically just your mail -- sounds

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