Partial update of bootscripts

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Sun Jul 10 15:26:39 PDT 2011

I've done a partial rewrite of the bootscripts and want to put them out 
for comment.

What I have done:

1. Moved the functions file to /lib/boot/.  For now, the Makefile also 
puts a copy of functions in init.d (it probably should be a symlink) for 
backward compatibility.

2. Moved some boot functions from the functions file to the rc file.

3. Added the capability to source /etc/sysconfig/init_params for setting 
environment variables for use by the boot scripts.

4. Changed error handling of messages to allow the user to skip a "Press 
  Enter" in the case of critical errors (the system just goes 
immediately to a halt or reboot).  This is done with setting


in /etc/sysconfig/init_params.

5. Updated udev_retry to handle the /run directory for events that occur 
between starting udevd and mounting / read/write.  Actually this script 
may need to be reviewed in more detail, because /run is always mounted 
r/w before udevd is started.

6. Miscellaneous formatting and header updates.

What I have not done yet:

1.  Made any changes to the network configuration.  This will encompass 
moving ifup and ifdown to /sbin as well as adding some module files to 

2.  Added lsb init scripts (install_initd, remove_initd).

3.  Move the creation of inittab from Section 6.60 to Chapter 7.  I 
think this needs to be done to be able to have all the boot issues in 
one place in the book and there explain the inittab file a little better.

   -- Bruce
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