6.8 patch tweaks.

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Sat Jul 9 00:37:50 PDT 2011

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> Ok, bug in busybox I should fix.  Still, the patch doesn't need two
> consecutive slashes in it triggering this bug in the current busybox
> release version.
> > $ patch -Np1 -i ../procps-3.2.8-fix_HZ_errors-1.patch
> > patching file proc/sysinfo.c
> > $
> > it is not a high priority.  You could edit the
> > patch file manually or use a sed on it.
> Right now I'm just deleting it (hence the "rm" above).  It isn't fixing
> a bug I've actually hit, and if it was important it would presumably be
> fixed in procps upstream.
That's fixed upstream in cvs but in a different way.
Actual LFS HZ patch change old_Hertz_hack, but that part should not be used
on modern kernel as name suggest. The real issue is that linux_version_code
shoud be set. That highly depend on tools used to compile and if
init_Linux_version run before or after init_libproc.

Attached minimal patch was made with a cvs import to git and using git
log -p, slightly manually changed because the NEWS change does not belong to
the right changeset.

There is other issues fixed in cvs tree (at least the forest_prefix warning)
Full diff from 3.2.8 to cvs is what I resolved to use. This is available at

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