6.8 patch tweaks.

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Fri Jul 8 05:22:29 PDT 2011

I'm automating LFS 6.8, and two of the patches don't apply with busybox

1) gcc-4.5.2-startfiles_fix-1.patch

Requires "fuzz" support, which I didn't implement because it tends to
mis-apply patches.  (This is not the same as applying at an offset, this
is discarding context lines in order to find a place to insert the
patch.  It's a bad idea.)

2) rm "$SRCDIR"/procps-3.2.8-fix_HZ_errors-1.patch || exit 1

The path has a "//" which means -p1 winds up with an absolute path after
discarding one "/".


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