6.8 still shows SUSv3, not SUSv4.

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Fri Jul 8 05:04:50 PDT 2011

In the "LFS and Standards" part of the 6.8 preface, it lists the Single
Unix Specification Version 3.  A couple points:

A) SUSv4 shipped in 2008.

B) SUSv4 actually comes from (and is approved by) other standards
bodies, it's also known as POSIX-2008, IEEE Std 1003.1, and The Open
Group base specifications issue 7.

C) The Open Group put it up online for free, without requiring
registration.  All the SUSv3 site does when you get a registration is
stick a frame around the open group's page, they don't even host their
own copy.

So could you link to here instead:


I also note this link from the bottom of the first page:


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