kernel > 2.6.36 and ntfs-3g mce-error

Sven Goericke sgoericke at
Tue Jan 18 05:04:31 PST 2011

From: Gilles Espinasse <g.esp at>
Subject: Re: kernel > 2.6.36 and ntfs-3g mce-error
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2011 12:48:08 +0100

> On that link, it is reported no more panic after uninstall of nvidia driver and
> nouveau driver install.
> Which driver is installed for you?
> You should try with nouveau driver (at the kernel level and user-space).

I use the proprietary Nvidia Driver 260.19.29. The nouveau driver is no option
for me as i need OpenGL 3D-Acceleration for the X-Plane Flightsimulator
(i'm a addon-developer for that).

> The MCE message diagnostic has been made in june, so not for 2.6.35 release.

Hmm, even if the 2.6.35-series doesn't have that stuff, the system would freeze
anyway if it would have the same problem than with 2.6.3(6,7) series?


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