kernel > 2.6.36 and ntfs-3g mce-error

Sven Goericke sgoericke at
Tue Jan 18 03:13:01 PST 2011


i've built the lfs-svn version from december 23th with the latest 2.6.36 Kernel.
The system runs well until i installed ntfs-3g and mounted a NTFS-partiton.

Mounting the partition, after vew minutes (approx. 2 or 3) the system freezes
(the screen blanks and doesn't respond even to magic sysrequest). After reset
on the next reboot the following message appears:

lfs-kernel: HARDWARE ERROR
lfs-kernel: No human readable MCE decoding support on this CPU type.
lfs-kernel: Run the message through 'mcelog --ascii' to decode.

However, there are two strange things: first: the message appears 6 times, but
i've a quad-core Intel Q9550 (no hyperthreading). Second: in oppose to other
reports i found with google related to this error, the Kernel keep running
after that message (no panic). And until i mount the NTFS-Partition, all
works well.

With google i found only one hint (and in german) in a Ubuntu-forum.

The problem reported is similar to mine: after installing nts-3g and mounting
a NTFS-Partition the system freezes and give the same error on next reboot.

I decided to rebuild the LFS-System again using the latest svn-version but
with the latest 2.6.35 Kernel. No problems with that, the system runs very
well and stable.

I'm a C/C++ programmer but no kernel-hacker so i didn't try to track down
the problem. Maybe one of you is able to check/reproduce the problem?

Some information about my hardware:

Mainboard: Asus P5QD Turbo (all oc-features etc. disabled in BIOS, not needed :) )
CPU: Intel Core2Quad Q9550 stock-speed 2.83GHz C1 stepping
Graphics: EVGA Nvidia GTX470
HDD: 4x500GB
Sound: Creative Xfi Titanium PCIe

The system is compiled as 32bit i686, Kernel with PAE and HighMem 64G compiled.
No modules, all compiled in (except one module called scsi_wait.ko and
the Nvidia-driver)

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