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Ken Moffat ken at
Tue Jan 11 16:41:59 PST 2011

On Wed, Jan 12, 2011 at 12:42:59AM +0100, Tobias Gasser wrote:
> Ken Moffat schrieb:
> >>
> >  I had no problems with either libX11-1.4.0 or libXaw-1.0.8 (one
> > complete build with xorg-7.6 and gnome-2.30, one partial build with
> > xorg-7.6 on a different machine).
> i had not the same versions as you are useing...
> i'm stil at xorg 7.5, thus libX11-1.3.4 and libXaw-1.0.7
 In my case, attempting to try out xorg 7.6 was one of the reasons
for me to build a new system, and doing that made me update my LFS
packages and look at what other changes were in prospect.  I didn't
see anything within the xorg changes that jumped out and said "this
might be a problem", it all looked pretty minor (I was already on
the new xserver series).  In fact, I've got issues in mesa
(specifically, with the demos which are now separate) but everything
else seemed to work as well as in my previous versions.

 So, I was *surprised* to see your problem.
> > 
> >  I'm a bit surprised that a postscript file comes into play during
> > your build of xorg - on a fresh system, LFS builds groff without its
> > optional dependencies (of which one is gs, and X - including libX11 -
> > is another), and BLFS has xorg as a dependency of gs (because of how
> > the test to see if the tiger is rendered).  Therefore, groff when
> > built in LFS has had limited functionality since at least 1.20.1 (I
> > didn't bother checking groff logs for versions older than that).
> > 
> gs is not built yet, i will build it after xorg and xfce is finished, i
> don't know why groff 1.21 is capable to build the ps files, with 1.20.1
> i have no problems and the .ps are not build.
> xorg is completed now, i have no more failures. thus just the 2
> mentionned packages fail building ps files.
> i can't find any more .ps files except the ones from libX11 specs/i18n
> ( and which are built with success.
> but with groff 1.20.1 those files are not built, thus your question why
> configure now assumes to be able to build ps-files is quite a good question!
> i just downloaded your versions for libX11 and libXaw and both compile
> fine without building any .ps files.
> BUT:
> libXaw-1.0.7 built the files doc/widgets.{html,ps,txt} where as 1.0.8
> has none of them but a bunch of .xml files!
> with libX11-1.3.4 in doc/xtrans/specs the {html,ps,txt,images/*png}
> files now are substitued by another bunch of xml and svg files!!
> i can't say groff won't build ps-files. obviously the people at xorg
> changed the docs from ps/html/txt to xml, thus groff won't fail any
> longer. but why with groff 1.20.1 no .ps files are built, and with 1.21
> despite the missing ghostscript make tries to build them (or configure
> assumes to be able to build them) is beyond my knowledge...

 Thanks for the update - I was wondering if you had decided to do
some sort of update on an existing system, now I'm clear that you
hadn't.  I don't pay any attention to xorg docs (except, sometimes,
man pages) so I didn't investigate any changes in what got
installed.  I only made sure that I could build the new groff
without xorg and gs before I put it into the build.

 I see that this version of groff only made it to a release on
31/12, I guess I was lucky in trying xorg-7.6.  Looking at the
libX11 ChangeLog, nothing jumps out and says "this is a fix for a
development version of groff".

> i just rebuilt the 2 packages after finishing xorg and now start a
> complete rebuild to check wether these 2 are compatible with xorg 7.5...
> thanks for your help
> btw: sorry for my bad english, but here it's now 0:40 in the moring, i'm
> a little tired - time to go to bed and let the computer do his work...
> tobias
> -- 
 No problems with your english.  Sorry to give you this pain.

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