problem with groff 1.21

Tobias Gasser lfs at
Tue Jan 11 04:59:06 PST 2011

compiling libX11-1.3.4 fails with groff 1.21, with groff 1.20.1
everything's fine.

the problem occurs in specs/libX11 and specs/XIM (but not with
specs/i18n) when building the .ps files.

the error is "table wider than line width"

as the error does not occur when removing .ps from the makefile or when
installing groff 1.20.1 instead of 1.21, i assume the problem must be
with groff.

maybe there is a way to patch the source (.ms), but i have no idea about

i'll continue my build. if there are more issues with groff i'll report
it here.

i'm posting it here not in blfs, as the problem seems to be with groff
not with libX11. if i'm wrong please move it to blfs! thanks!

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