Issues with the XZ-utils instructions

William Immendorf will.immendorf at
Mon Jan 3 18:59:31 PST 2011

There are some new issues with the XZ-utils instructions:

 1. There is a redundant PREFIX=/tools in the Ch5 make install command
(it's redundant because --prefix=/tools is arleady passed to the
configure command)
 2. XZ-utils is considered a core compression utility (like Bzip2 and
Gzip), yet the programs are not on the root partition.
 3. The docs are installed in an non-versioned directory.

To fix the instructions:

 1. Remove the redundant PREFIX=/tools from the Ch5 make install command.
 2. Add these commands after make install to move liblzma and the XZ
programs to the root partition:

 mv -v /usr/bin/{xz,unxz,xzcat,lzma,unlzma,lzcat} /bin &&
 mv -v /usr/lib/* /lib &&
ln -sfv ../../lib/ /usr/lib/
 3. Add --docdir=/usr/share/doc/xz-5.0.0 to the configure command.

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