devpts mount options

Bryan Kadzban bryan at
Fri Feb 18 20:46:28 PST 2011

When looking at the udev sed in chapter 7, I found a change I had
sitting in my local svn client from way back in October, that I never
submitted.  See the discussion starting here:

and more specifically, the pt_chown discussion starting here:

When doing chapter 6 as a non-root user (package-user hint), pt_chown is
being run due to the options we use to mount $LFS/dev/pts early in
chapter 6.  Since it's not installed setuid-root, it doesn't work.

But it shouldn't be needed; if we change the default mode and group of
the $LFS/dev/pts mount, it won't be used.  OTOH this is a change that
we'd only be making for the benefit of a hint.

Opinions?  I'm leaning toward not changing the book (this seems like
something that the hint might want to cover), but I'd be curious what
everyone else thinks.

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