chapter 6.52: psmisc-22.10

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Wed Sep 15 18:20:17 PDT 2010

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On 09/13/2010 06:25 AM, max.mann at wrote:
> Hello LFS maintainers,
> As for the subject, while I was building  LFS 6.6 I discovered a
problem in chapter 6.52: psmisc-22.10.
> According to the book the optional command
>    ln -sv killall /bin/pidof
> can be issued at the end of the chapter. However, killall was installed
in the directory
>   /usr/bin/killall
> So executing this command results in a dead link. I see that this has
been fixed in 6.7-rc1.
> It is furthermore stated, that /bin/pidof will be replaced with a
better version from the sysvinit package.
> It should be made clear at this point that keeping that link instead of
sysvinit's version will not work. I got an
> error message during boot
- ---snip a lot of good stuff---
> However, since keeping killall instead of killall5   would mean some
sort  of minor forking point in installing LFS, I  think  the book
should  completely discard the alternative of keeping
>  killall.
> Best Regards
> Max
Hi Max,

I saw you posted this on too. Do I understand
correctly that your advice is to _not_ issue the optional command?


- -Drew
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