A little patch on the book

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Fri Sep 10 11:13:21 PDT 2010

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL wrote:

>> It doesn't say extract the tarball to some arbitrary location that
>> requires a special switch.
> What switch? I've never talked about any switches. I only see users
> who, when the book said they can unpack anywhere, they unpack in $LFS
> directly and have issues.

If you follow the instructions in 5.3, it says:

2. Change to the sources directory.
3. For each package:
    a. Using the tar program, extract the package to be built.

If you do that, to put the extracted files anywhere other than where
they are supposed to be, you have to do

   tar -C /someplace/else -xf tarball

Yes, you can do:

mkdir /my-unpacked
tar -C /my_unpacked -xf tarball.tar.gz
cd /my_unpacked/tarball

and continue from there, but then the user is adding things not in the 

If you do

cd /mnt/lfs
tar -xf /mnt/lfs/sources/tarball.tar.gz
cd tarball

That will work, but that's not what the book says either.

LFS is about learning.  One of the things to learn is how to follow 

  -- Bruce

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