A little patch on the book

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Fri Sep 10 09:46:00 PDT 2010

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL wrote:
> Hi,
> As you know I coordinate a French support network for lfs on a forum, a
> mailinglist and an irc channel (anyway I invite every French-speaking to
> subscribe as we are not numerous to be able to help and we sometimes
> have to forward questions on #lfs-support because we don't have any
> idea, not enough good on this :D).
> In this support network, a lot of users have problems and are confused
> with understanding where they can put the packages tarballs, unpack
> them, put the patches... It's a classical question anyway. Ok they don't
> read general instructions chap5 I think, but I think too something could
> be added to make it still clearer. Here's a patch I added, I created it
> from the help experience on the French forum. I let you give your
> opinion about it and merge it if you like.


   I know your intentions are good, but this irritates me.  We can't 
spell out every possible combination of errors someone makes.  It 
doesn't say extract the tarball to some arbitrary location that requires 
a special switch.  It says "extract the package to be built" and implies 
don't use any special switches.  If the user makes a decision to use 
something different, then it's up to them to figure out the problem.

If there is a problem in going from English to French, feel free to 
modify the words in the French version.

   -- Bruce

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