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Jean-Philippe MENGUAL jmengual at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri Sep 10 02:46:13 PDT 2010


As you know I coordinate a French support network for lfs on a forum, a
mailinglist and an irc channel (anyway I invite every French-speaking to
subscribe as we are not numerous to be able to help and we sometimes
have to forward questions on #lfs-support because we don't have any
idea, not enough good on this :D).

In this support network, a lot of users have problems and are confused
with understanding where they can put the packages tarballs, unpack
them, put the patches... It's a classical question anyway. Ok they don't
read general instructions chap5 I think, but I think too something could
be added to make it still clearer. Here's a patch I added, I created it
from the help experience on the French forum. I let you give your
opinion about it and merge it if you like.


       Jean-Philippe MENGUAL
       Vice-Président de l'association traduc.org 
       Coordinateur du projet Linux From Scratch

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