pkg-config problem

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Sat Sep 4 03:58:36 PDT 2010

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Subject: Re: pkg-config problem

>  The patch was what upstream changed.  I'm happy with anything
> that does the exact same thing because I don't have to retest it.
> So, by "Bruce's version works" I meant that it replicates the patch.
> > However, this one has
> > the same effect as the one Bruce has committed to the book:
> >
> > sed -i '/XT\|kt/s:)d:)[]d:' pkg.m4
> >
> > Andy
>  Agreed.
Unless it was for an obfuscation contest, it is easier to read the changes
with a bit more context.
sed -i '/PKG_TEXT\|desktop/s:)d:)[]d:' pkg.m4


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