Matthew Burgess matthew at
Fri Mar 19 08:49:28 PDT 2010

On Fri, 19 Mar 2010 11:25:01 -0400, Jeremy Huntwork <jhuntwork at> wrote:
> On Mar 19, 2010, at 10:11 AM, Matthew Burgess wrote:
>> I'm not sure that the LFS website has enough content or rate-of-change
> of content that a
>> full blown CMS is required.  I could be wrong of course :-)
> Well, in this context, Trac is (nearly) a CMS. In any case, it allows you
> to edit content from the front-end and manage who has access to do so. So in one sense,
> you're still in agreement with us.

Yeah, I guess I didn't really make my point clear.  What I was trying to say was that I'm
not sure the overhead of having both trac and plone is worth it for our relatively small
site.  If trac is 'good enough' for our needs, then let's just use that.



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