grammar correction chap 4.1 LFS 6.6

Randy McMurchy lfs.user at
Fri Mar 12 12:12:07 PST 2010

Chris Staub wrote these words on 03/12/10 13:09 CST:
> Hmm, then you might want to take a look at the LFS "Prerequisites" page, 
> and the Less, M4, Groff, GCC, and Glibc pages in Chapter 6. Then again, 
> it might be better for your sanity if you don't...

Entering late (on purpose) because it is such a senseless thread now
(at least to me), but I'll go on record that I've been around various
flavors of Unix's for almost 25 years and I've never heard anyone
pronounce su as soo, or sue. It has *always* been "es you".

And in that case, regardless what the opposition says, proper grammar
says that you would write it out as "an su command". Please don't
expect another reply by me on this thread, I just wanted to cast my


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