grammar correction chap 4.1 LFS 6.6

Chris Staub chris at
Fri Mar 12 11:09:47 PST 2010

On 03/12/2010 06:44 AM, stosss wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 12, 2010 at 4:45 AM, Chris Staub<chris at>  wrote:
> I also was only
> trying to saying that if people would check facts instead of
> projecting their opinions, which are often times wrong because they
> don't know the facts. Threads that get as long as this one with the
> stupid arguments would not happen. I am by no means an expert on
> grammar, but I do know some of the rules about grammar. The a/an mess
> runs rampant on the Internet. There are tens of thousands of people
> that get it wrong all the time and they think they are right.

Yeah, I know what you mean. Trust me, I want just as much as you to make 
sure the book is written correctly...if you've seen some of the 
suggestions I've made in the past, many of which were rejected...

> Just another little note. The group that officially has control of the
> word UNIX requires that it always be in capital letters. The only time
> they actually want it like you wrote it above is Unix-like.

Hmm, then you might want to take a look at the LFS "Prerequisites" page, 
and the Less, M4, Groff, GCC, and Glibc pages in Chapter 6. Then again, 
it might be better for your sanity if you don't...

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