grammar correction chap 4.1 LFS 6.6

Chris Staub chris at
Fri Mar 12 01:45:23 PST 2010

On 03/12/2010 03:38 AM, stosss wrote:
> Defending a mistake in grammar IS ignorant. I am not being insulting I
> am being factual. More than likely am being politically incorrect. But
> then I don't care to be politically correct because that is complete
> BS and part of the current problem with people in general. No one
> wants to be responsible for their actions and everyone wants to blame
> shift usually to some obscure thing so that no one is accused of
> pointing the finger or held responsible for their actions. Under those
> conditions its easy to be careless and sloppy and just plain bad at
> whatever one does.

If it really is a mistake, it should be fixed, However I am not seeing 
any, mainly because you are apparently assuming that the phrase "su 
command" can have only one meaning, when in fact it is common to say 
stuff like "I typed an ls command", where "command" refers to the entire 
command line. Exactly what is the problem with this definition of 
"command"? Is there an official computer/Unix/whatever dictionary that 
gives the narrow definition for "command" that you are using? If not, on 
what are you basing your arguments?

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