glibc, chapter 5.7

Tobias Gasser lfs at
Thu Mar 11 17:13:57 PST 2010

Chris Staub schrieb:
> No, it is not necessary. All that's needed to avoid host tools is 
> following the book's instructions. That is it. If anything else is 
> "necessary", it means you've goofed up and need to go back to the beginning.

i restarted more than once. not only using my scripts which run fine
when building from an lfs host, but also by cut and paste, thus i don't
know how or where i could mess up.

> If you really want to be sure, you can tell that from Glibc's configure
> and make output - just look to make sure it's using $LFS_TGT-gcc instead
> of plain "gcc".

exactly that's the problem. there is no prefix to gcc. and that was the
reason to use the CC/AR/RANLIB setup as in gcc/binutils pass 2. my
$LFS_TGT is exactly as in the book: i686-lfs-linux-gnu (uname -m gives
i686). my $PATH is as mentionned in the book too:
/tools/bin:/bin:/usr/bin. both are set in the users profile as
mentionned in 4.4 - i really did the book step by step from the beginning.

the problem only occurs with a xubuntu 9.10 host. not with an lfs host.
(maybe i'll give a try so some other life-distros when i have finished
this build - it is no big deal as the error occurs very early in the
build process).

as nobody confirmed the behaviour and my workaround fits fine for me
i'll stop arguing...

btw: maybe someone can confirm the compile runs fine with xubuntu, then
i'll try again - meanwhile i'm happy with my fix as it has shown no
side-effects. the base-system is up and running and i now go on with the
serices i need on this server.


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