glibc, chapter 5.7

Tobias Gasser lfs at
Thu Mar 11 07:57:17 PST 2010

Tobias Gasser schrieb:
> for quite some time i used an older lfs to build a new one.
> now i'm building a new one from a xubuntu 9.10 lifecd.

thanks for all your replies. i try to summarise.

i use the same scripts i always use to build. as mentionned, i used to
start from within an older lfs to build a new one. with this
configuration i recently had no problems.

now i just wanted to try it from withing a gui (i never hade a gui on
any of my lfs machines as they are just servers), and (x)ubuntu is my
favourite on my desktop machines. (reading about the problems building
gnome or kde in the blfs list, i prefer to use a distro for desktop and
use lfs just for servers)

as the rest of the book went fine, i guess to have apt-getted all
necessary packages.

sudo has no influence as i don't use it. im a simple user, owning
/tools. there is really no need to sudo anything in chapter 5 so far.

as the solution is quite easy, i just wanted to know, wether anybody can
 confirm similar failures with other distros as host.

i guess with binutils pass2 and gcc pass2 this CC/AR/RANLIB construction
is needed, as otherwise the hosts tools will intercept the same way as
it does on my ubuntu with glib. as this construct is needed until gcc
pass 2 is done, i guess it would be save to add it to the glib too.

after finishing the new system, i restarted again from within the new
system and had no problem. this time i did NOT add the CC/AR/RANLIB.
as the hosts tools and the new toolchain sould almost be the same (i
didn't check filesizes or make a diff, but they are built both from the
same source - it probably does not matter wether the hosts or the new
tools ar used)

just one more question: even if you have no problem without the
CC/AR/RANLIB setting, are you really shure the new tools are used to
build glib?


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