grep 2.5.4 fmbtest test failure

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Tue Mar 9 15:40:44 PST 2010

Larry Gilbert wrote:
> Guy Dalziel <krendoshazin <at>> writes:
>> For Grep in chapter 6 we apply a patch of Debian fixes. It seems,
>> however, that it is this patch that is causing to fail.
>> The unpatched Grep passed all 14 tests while the patched one did not. I
>> think that we should reconsider the use of it.
> I was about to make a new post about this problem, but then found the post
> above, which dates back to September 4 of last year.  It describes the exact
> problem I've discovered, but I am working from the LFS 6.6 book while the
> message below predates the LFS 6.6 release by months.  Having tests fail with
> the patch while succeeding without it makes me question the need to leave the
> patch as-is, too.

Ken submitted the patch two years ago against grep 2.5.3.  The purpose 
of the patch was

Description: Various fixes, particularly speed improvements for UTF-8 
locales. Also adds a 'standard input' marker into the results for 
certain obscure uses.


The tests that fail are for

# Test that --color=always does not depend on individual pattern order 
within the pattern
# list, and that a longer match is preferred to a shorter one starting 
at the same point.

test6="`echo 'Cosi tu Ä~LiÅ¡Ã~M...' \
    | LC_ALL=cs_CZ.UTF-8 ${GREP} --color=always -${mode}i \
      -e 'Ä~MiÅ¡' -e 'Ä~Miší'`"
if echo "$test6" | LC_ALL=C ${GREP} -q 'Cosi tu 
.*\[.*m\(.\[K\)\?Ä~LiÅ¡Ã~M.*\[.*m\(.\[K\)\?\.\.\.'; then
   echo "Test #6 ${mode} failed: $test6"

where mode is F.

A similar test fails for test7.


I downloaded the current debian patch and all tests pass against that 

Ken, can you take a look at the new debian patch and create a new lfs 
patch for us that fulfills your intent?


As a side note, we need to check jhalfs to see why these failures were 
not logged.

   -- Bruce

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