perl, chapter 5.27

Tobias Gasser lfs at
Tue Mar 9 11:55:04 PST 2010

Andrew Benton schrieb:
> Support questions should be sent to lfs-support at

sorry, as i posted another message in this list (which i guess is
correct) i forgot to switch to the correct list... but as i solved the
problem some minutes ago, i reply here again and don't move.

> Did you remember to apply the perl-5.10.1-libc-1.patch to the perl source
> before you compiled it?

yes. i first checked the perl receipt over and over again...

reading once more chapter 5 from the beginning i had to find out i
repeatedly missed the line above the caution-box in chapter 5.10.  SHAME

without the link, the hosts compiler was used. now i have the gcc/cc
symlink and perl compiles as expected...

thanks for your help

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