Radeon DRM

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun Mar 7 10:22:14 PST 2010

ga ho wrote:

> What I am asking is, are there 64 bit versions of the LFS6.6 packages
> that need to be used or will using a 64 bit OS on a 64 bit machine
> automatically build a 64 bit LFS6.6 using all the LFS6.6 source
> packages as is?

1.  Trim your posts.
2.  This is answered in the book,


"On the other hand, the instructions in this book are known to work, 
with some modifications, with both Power PC and 64-bit AMD/Intel CPUs. 
To build a system that utilizes one of these CPUs, the main 
prerequisite, in addition to those on the next few pages, is an existing 
Linux system such as an earlier LFS installation, Ubuntu, Red 
Hat/Fedora, SuSE, or other distribution that targets the architecture 
that you have. Also note that a 32-bit distribution can be installed and 
used as a host system on a 64-bit AMD/Intel computer."

   -- Bruce

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