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I noticed in section 5.2 that it recommends you to unpack the binutils
sources and run config.guess and had an issue with this.  I was using Finnix
93 (debian-based, uses packages from debian testing) as a host and had
ensured that the prerequisite packages were installed.  I had installed
binutils-dev, but the package did not include a config.guess.  'dpkg-query
-S config.guess' showed that I had a config.guess in /usr/share/misc/ from
the autotools-dev package, and a quick Google search showed that libtool
ought to include config.guess (and indeed installing the libtool package
brought in another config.guess).

Given this, I'd recommend at least one of the following for people who don't
have a config.guess from their binutils(-dev) package:

1)  Recommend using config.guess from libtool or autotools if not available
through your binutils package
2)  Recommend unpacking binutils directly from a GNU source download
3)  Mention using 'find / -name config.guess' or your package manager's
"find instances of this filename" command (e.g. 'dpkg-query -S <filename>')

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