LFS-6.6 test error explanations

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop73 at googlemail.com
Mon Mar 1 19:03:11 PST 2010

On 1 March 2010 23:36, Bruce Dubbs <bruce.dubbs at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've been analyzing the test errors found when I was building LFS-6.6.
> The logs are at
>   http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/lfs/build-logs/6.6/
> This is a summary:

 Thanks for this, it confirms and explains some of what I've found
in my own x86_64 build.
> glibc
>   annexc - long time errors that can be ignored.
>   tst-cpuclock2 -  this seems to be triggered by a setting in the
> kernel for cpu-scaling.  That option is not needed on desktops, but it
> is set by default.  It requires, by default, a user application to
> change   cpu frequencies, but there are other options in the kernel.  I
> think it can be ignored.

 I didn't see this, but this build is on my one machine which
*doesn't* use frequency scaling.  I think I've seen it on the
other x86_64

> gcc
>   bb-reorg.c
>   pr34999.c  - These do not build properly in the test suite.  I found
> an entry in the bug tracker that this has been fixed for gcc-4.5.

 Same here, thanks for the explanation
>   libmudflap.c++/pass41-frag.cxx - This should be fixed in gcc-4.5 also.
 Ditto - it's been broken for *ages*

> automake
>   aclocal5.test.  I couldn't track this down, but it seemed to pass and
> fail on my system intermittently.  It passes all the time in a 32-bit
> system.

 Didn't see this, but maybe I was lucky this time.
> gawk
>   stackoverflow2 - This appears ot be a kernel issue.  I was building
> using lfs-6.5 (kernel and getting the failure.  It seems to be
> fixed when rebuilding on a kernel.
 Didn't see this, running 2.6.33 and using the headers.

>   machine specific failures - These are corner cases that test specific
> 64-bit boundary conditions.  They don't fail on a 32-bit system and do
> appear to show up differently on different hardware.  The possibility of
> running into problems here is very, very small.
 Again, thanks for the explanation, I had exactly the same results
(oldish Athlon64).
> ----------
> I don't know if these errors should go into the book, be put on a web
> page, or just left in the mail repository for people to find when
> searching.  Putting details about all of them in the book seems to be
> overkill, but we do have a section in 6.9, Glibc-2.11.1 about glibc test
> errors and some general comments, including libmudflap, in 6.16,
> GCC-4.4.3.  There is nothing in the automake or gawk sections of the book.
>   -- Bruce
> --
 At the moment, I'm dubious about recording these unless they turn
out to be common.  Then again, a few people seem to think that any
failure not specifically mentioned in the book is cause for concern.

 Meanwhile, I've got a few of my own (in alphabetical order) :
Didn't keep any of the directories, and only looked at the logs
later.  First the non-locale errors

failed 182: parallel test execution (autotest.at:1116)

binutils-2.20 (ld)
FAIL: bootstrap with --static
FAIL: static preinit array
FAIL: static init array
FAIL: static fini array
FAIL: Could not link a static executable
 - these are probably down to me, I get rid of static libs
(except in the toolchain), probably it wants something I've
moved out of the way.  I've seen these before and they
don't concern me.

linux- (headers)
The usual messages about include/scsi/scsi.h
(userspace cannot call function or variable defined in the kernel)

 What I found interesting was that _no_ test progs were left
running when I unmounted at the end of chapter 6 - usually
I have problems unmounting.  OTOH...

 When I went back in today to finish building the extras I
need (fcron, mailx, ntp, nfs, etc) I had an error message
that it couldn't set the en_GB.UTF-8 locale, which was
worrying.- the finished system is ok (all locales seem
present), but there seems to be something wrong in my
scripts because I had:

 in run-printf
 printf2.sub: multibyte character conversion failed


Test #6 F failed: Cosi tu ^[[01;31m^[[KČiš^[[m^[[KÍ...
Test #7 F failed: Cosi tu ^[[01;31m^[[KČiš^[[m^[[KÍ...
FAIL: fmbtest.sh
(ISTR fmbtest failing is not unexpected)


 4 failures
FAIL: utf8-1
FAIL: utf8-2
FAIL: utf8-3
FAIL: utf8-4

(these are testing case conversion (\u and \U)
for cyrillic d/D [ д/Д ]

Still, as with all tests, I try not to give them too much
credence :)

After tragedy, and farce, "OMG poneys!"

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