LFS-6.6 test error explanations

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Mon Mar 1 15:36:31 PST 2010

I've been analyzing the test errors found when I was building LFS-6.6. 
The logs are at


This is a summary:

   annexc - long time errors that can be ignored.

   tst-cpuclock2 -  this seems to be triggered by a setting in the 
kernel for cpu-scaling.  That option is not needed on desktops, but it 
is set by default.  It requires, by default, a user application to 
change   cpu frequencies, but there are other options in the kernel.  I 
think it can be ignored.

   pr34999.c  - These do not build properly in the test suite.  I found 
an entry in the bug tracker that this has been fixed for gcc-4.5.

   libmudflap.c++/pass41-frag.cxx - This should be fixed in gcc-4.5 also.

   aclocal5.test.  I couldn't track this down, but it seemed to pass and 
fail on my system intermittently.  It passes all the time in a 32-bit 

   stackoverflow2 - This appears ot be a kernel issue.  I was building 
using lfs-6.5 (kernel and getting the failure.  It seems to be 
fixed when rebuilding on a kernel.

   machine specific failures - These are corner cases that test specific 
64-bit boundary conditions.  They don't fail on a 32-bit system and do 
appear to show up differently on different hardware.  The possibility of 
running into problems here is very, very small.


I don't know if these errors should go into the book, be put on a web 
page, or just left in the mail repository for people to find when 
searching.  Putting details about all of them in the book seems to be 
overkill, but we do have a section in 6.9, Glibc-2.11.1 about glibc test 
errors and some general comments, including libmudflap, in 6.16, 
GCC-4.4.3.  There is nothing in the automake or gawk sections of the book.

   -- Bruce

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