Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Sun Jul 25 18:03:39 PDT 2010

On Jul 25, 2010, at 2:13 AM, DJ Lucas wrote:

> Some technical questions:  What is the authentication method?

The default seems to be some form of basic authentication. I haven't delved into the code to see if it does any sort of password obscuring or not, but as you say we could run it over HTTPS.

>  Can it be
> used for system accounts as well or can it use the existing system
> authentication?

Well it can use LDAP as you noted. Other than that, I think if we wanted it to use unix accounts we'd have to add that feature in (or look to see if someone out there has done it).

> You had mentioned giving an existing Redline users
> commit privileges.  Can it create a system account from the existing
> user, or does the SCM (Subversion currently) use the virtual users?

The SCM uses the virtual user. Basically, it uses an HTTP(S) subversion setup which has been configured to look in Redmine's user table to authenticate users.

> Really doesn't matter for my usage, but I can see it as helpful as the
> project grows for the admins.  I see that LDAP is an option, so in that
> case, certainly you can, but how about with flat files?

Again, it's something we'd have to bake in if that's what we wanted, but I'm sure we could do it relatively easily. Another option is using OpenID, which redmine supports.

> I also noticed three things I didn't like right off the bat.  First, we
> are using http.  At very least, we should listen on 443 and get a free
> certificate that is trusted by Mozilla out of the box (since that is
> where BLFS get's its certificate store).  I personally use StartCom.  I
> realize that has been an outstanding problem for a long time.

Sure, I'd be all for that.

>  Second,
> setting a resolution in the ticket does not automatically close the
> ticket.

I believe that can be configured in the workflow section. It's fairly customizable.

> Third, e-mail addresses are not hidden by default.  I'm
> guessing that both of the last two are probably globally configurable,
> are they?  Didn't see anything in user preferences...or any user
> preferences at all beyond the my account page.

These sorts of things would be available to administrator - did you get to play with it after I made you one?

> What additional features are available?  Actually, I just found how to
> retrieve the RSS key so need to ask about that now, but it is an added
> feature--click on an editors name, and then click the Atom link in the
> bottom right corner of the page.  I wouldn't use it, but others may.  On
> the same vein, how about public_html dirs without changing the hostname
> to www or possibly adding personal additions beyond commit messages when
> somebody clicks on a name in a ticket as opposed to maintaining our
> 'home' pages in our home directory on quantum?  That would invalidate
> the need for system accounts beyond server admins if Subversion (or
> another SCM) could use the same authentication method (see above).
> Coincidentally, does Subversion have an add-on to download a tarball
> like Git?  Seems to me to be correct topic while discussing server updates.

Most of these thing would be covered either by plugins or custom code. It's all ruby on rails so it's not that difficult to adjust if you really want to hack some new features in.

Hope some of these answers helped...


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