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On 29 January 2010 16:42, Bruce Dubbs <bruce.dubbs at gmail.com> wrote:
> ICMP Request wrote:
>> I'm just asking if I plan to turn my /home partition to an EXT4 FS,
>> supposing I used to do weekly backups when it was EXT3, you would
>> recommend now daily or I could stick with weekly (I'm not asking you in
>> opinions about how often a backup should be made for a desktop computer,
>> just how can I trust that EXT4 stability with kernels from, let's say
>> november till now)
> Sorry, I don't know.  I've not felt the need to even try ext4.  ext3
> works fine for me.  The book doesn't depend on file system type.  We
> don't address using mkfs at all.
>   -- Bruce
> --

 I've been using ext4 on '/' for a few months now.  Seems to work
ok, but the worst that I've done has been sync-umount-boot with
Alt-SysRq when xorg locks.  I think we're now at the stage where
ext4 is starting to get widespread use, which is why a lot of
odd corner-cases are now coming to light.

 What _I'd_  *like* to do is move /home to ext4, because the periodic
fsck is so much faster, but some of my available systems are a bit
too old (ISTR the fs name changed, perhaps around 2.6.30).  When I
started using ext4, I had fun and games getting systems to a point
where they could mount an ext4 partition, some needed e2fsprogs
and/or util-linux-ng upgraded, and one time I manged to build a
kernel without a necessary config option (CONFIG_LBDAF).

 Similarly, my server should really benefit from ext4, but that holds
my backups and music/photos so I'll want experience with ext4
on /home on my desktops first.

 For many people, ext4 is currently at least as good as ext3.  As to
benchmarks, particularly at phoronix, I tend not to give much credence
to them.  If you intend to try ext4, I suggest you create a new fs
and make sure you can correctly mount it, and perhaps run tests
if you are concerned about performance, before deciding to move
to ext4 for existing data.

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