Marc Ferland marc at
Wed Jan 27 06:07:16 PST 2010

At Tue, 26 Jan 2010 19:39:12 -0600,
Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> Marc Ferland wrote:
> > I've been using LFS to create a specialized linux distribution at
> > work. Everything is going as planned except that keeping track of all
> > changes going into the distribution is nearly impossible.
> Yes, the real work of a distribution for multiple systems is keeping 
> changes synchronized by something like tar.gz, .rpm, .deb, etc.
> > I often make changes to configuration files, I add new libraries,
> > remove unneeded stuff, etc.
> > 
> > I tought of maybe using SVN, but it doesn't really support the
> > metadata associated with each file (only support the eXecutable flag
> > if I remember correctly).
> > 
> > So I'm currently using a combination of tar and rsync to keep an history
> > of all versions. It works but I have to do a lot of things
> > manually and I can't really diff between versions etc.
> > 
> > Any of you had this problem before? If so how did you solve it?
> I have used svn for some configuration files. What metadata do you want 
> to support that isn't supported by svn?

By metadata I mean file ownership (user:group),permissions (just
like the --preserve-permissions option in tar), time, date, etc. If
these could be preserved/versioned by the VCS it would simplify part
of what I do.

This maybe look more like a versioned file system or something. I see
there are a couple of scripts floating on the net to support part of
this in svn.



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