Proposing a new LFS release

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop73 at
Mon Jan 25 08:03:47 PST 2010

2010/1/25 Bruce Dubbs <bruce.dubbs at>:
> Thanks to Matt's hard work, it looks like the -dev version of the book
> now has over half the packages updated from the current stable release.
> There only a couple of minor tickets outstanding.  We are at
> Linux-2.6.32 which has been designated for long term support.
> I am proposing that we make a -rc1 release next weekend with a target
> 6.6 stable release around the 1st of March.
> Comments?
>   -- Bruce
> --
 I've got one issue on 64-bit - I eventually build gnumeric.
That pulls in perl's dynaloader (seems to be for embedding

 Gnumeric fails to build on x86_64 unless I pass
because of relocation errors from libperl while trying to link  On i?86 it's ok to mix static and shared objects
in a shared lib, on x86_64 they don't link.

 The simplest fix is to configure perl with -Duseshrplib=Y.
That certainly builds on i?86, but it looks as if it passes
-fPIC all over the place.  I haven't compared the sizes of
the installed perl files on i686, so I don't know if that would
be a benign change.

 I also haven't identified what changes in gnumeric - all the
functionality I rely on seems to be there, it's just a pain
having to tweak the configure.  Presumably, anything else
that embeds perl might have a similar problem (but, the
only obvious candidate was apache, which seemed not to

 If there was a way of easily adding the extra configure
switch to x86_64 only, that would be good, but my ideas
so far have been ugly.

 Measuring this is on my ToDo list, but for the moment I
don't have time.

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