Proposing a new LFS release

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Sun Jan 24 16:59:13 PST 2010

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL wrote:

> Just a precision because, beyond translating, I manage a French help 
> network too. Can you tell me, and I think it could be precised in the
>  book or on the website, what kind of buildings can do a user exactly
>  with this stable (6.6)? From 64 to 64 bits? From 32 to 32? Or 32 to
> 64? If I read architecture.xml, I see that, originally we build a 32
> bits, but a 64 is possible. Only a 64bits host is required for that?
> If yes, can we do a 32bits with a 64bits host?

I don't see a need to change what we do now:  32->32 and 64->64.

It's really the same way we did it when transitioning from Linux 2.4 to
Linux-2.6 where we required somebody else's Linux-2.6 to build the first
LFS with a 2.6 kernel.

> To finish, I guess no multilib is still supported.

Short answer, no.

The only reason I can think of to have a multilib system is to be able
to run proprietary binaries that don't support 64-bit systems.  What 
applications do you have that fit that category?

To me, multilib is twice the work for very little benefit.

   -- Bruce

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