Proposing a new LFS release

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL jmengual at
Sun Jan 24 16:39:13 PST 2010


Just a precision because, beyond translating, I manage a French help
network too. Can you tell me, and I think it could be precised in the
book or on the website, what kind of buildings can do a user exactly
with this stable (6.6)? From 64 to 64 bits? From 32 to 32? Or 32 to 64?
If I read architecture.xml, I see that, originally we build a 32 bits,
but a 64 is possible. Only a 64bits host is required for that? If yes,
can we do a 32bits with a 64bits host?
To finish, I guess no multilib is still supported.

Thanks for these precisions which will help me if this book becomes


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Le dimanche 24 janvier 2010 à 18:22 -0600, Bruce Dubbs a écrit :
> Thanks to Matt's hard work, it looks like the -dev version of the book 
> now has over half the packages updated from the current stable release.
> There only a couple of minor tickets outstanding.  We are at 
> Linux-2.6.32 which has been designated for long term support.
> I am proposing that we make a -rc1 release next weekend with a target 
> 6.6 stable release around the 1st of March.
> Comments?
>    -- Bruce

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