LFS-6.5 RC2 plans

Matthew Burgess matthew at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Jul 26 13:22:29 PDT 2009


I've just targetted all the pending package updates for LFS-6.5.

I think the arguments for Gawk's inclusion were strong enough, i.e.
we don't see an update very often, so we should get its fixes as
they're out there now.  The Man-Pages update is trivial enough,
leaving just Psmisc & Shadow.  Again, these were just bug fix
releases so I couldn't see any particular reason not to put them
in and have LFS users benefit from their inclusion.

I'm intending to push 6.5-RC2 out midweek, at which point I'll
also declare a full feature/package freeze.  If nothing else,
it'll stop *me* from putting "one last upgrade" in :)

There are still 2 tickets (#2461 & #2462) I think we can target
for 6.5 as they're just text updates.  Help on #2461 would be
very much appreciated.  Opinions on #2462 are also welcome, as
I'm undecided on which way to go on that one at the moment.



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