Util-Linux _NG 2.16-rc2

James Robertson jwrober at gmail.com
Tue Jul 14 13:07:25 PDT 2009

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> +Jan wrote:
>> Hey lfs-dev,
>> I just ran through the development chapter 5 without any problems.
>> Just on the subject of util-linux-ng, there's this small section in
>> chapter 5 near the bottom:
>> Install the shared libraries required by E2fsprogs:
>>   make -C shlibs/uuid install
>>   make -C shlibs/blkid install
>> Since e2fsprogs is no longer installed in chapter 5, and util-linux-ng
>> is built right before e2fsprogs in chapter 6, I think it's safe to
>> remove this.
> Now that you point this out, I'm not sure any of the programs in util-linux-ng 
> are needed in Chapter 6 before we get to the final installation of util-linux-ng.
> The programs are mount, umount, more, and mkswap.  The only thing I can think of 
> that needs more is if the user is looking at man pages, but we don't install 
> man-db until after util-linux-ng.  The other three are not needed by us within 
> the chroot environment, but may be needed in one or more of the test programs.
> So now the question arises: Do we need util-linux-ng in Chapter 5?
>    -- Bruce
I think 'more' is an important program to keep for building ch6 in 
chroot.  If you are sending output to log files and such, it makes doing 
at cat [filename] a must.


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