Scripting root operations

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Sat Feb 28 18:12:29 PST 2009

Hi all,

"Notes on Building Software" in BLFS recommends, quite rightly,
that readers should do as little as possible as 'root', and only
use superuser privs for operations that require them (e.g.
'make install').

And, as this is *LFS I have chosen to ignore that advice up
until now and keep all the pieces when it breaks :)

I've been bitten by another bug/issue in the Python test
suite that only affects the root user (this is in the httpservers
tests, so is different from the original failure I saw back with
Python-2.5, raised in comment 10 of #2200).  If I run the tests
as non-root they pass fine.

So, my question is, should LFS and BLFS enforce, or at
least more clearly encourage folks to build/install as non-root?

In order to be able to support build automation, I'm considering
using 'sudo' along with a dedicated build-user, who is
configured in sudo to not require the root password.

Do you think that this approach is suitable for LFS/BLFS?



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