Udev groups (tickets 2314, 2297)

Bryan Kadzban bryan at kadzban.is-a-geek.net
Sun Feb 8 11:40:25 PST 2009

(Ticket 2314 is about this issue specifically.  2297 is more general,
but still related.)

Currently the udev-config 55-lfs.rules sets the GROUP of everything in
the "comms devices" section to "uucp".  Upstream seems to have mostly
standardized on Debian's setup, where group "uucp" is used for a UUCP
daemon, and group "dialout" is used for devices that users can use (for
creating PPP-like connections).

I propose changing the GROUP on rfcomm, ippp, isdn, isdnctrl, and dcbri
devices to "dialout", to match this convention.  (I also propose adding
rules/packages/40-isdn.rules, and getting rid of the capi* handling,
since we're missing a required SUBSYSTEM match.  That will change the
group on capi* type devices as well, but that change is only partly
related to the GROUP issue.)

Any objections?  We currently create both "uucp" and "dialout" early in
chapter 6, so both groups are there.

(This change would get rid of the requirement for "uucp" from the udev
side, although it *might* make sense to keep it if the user really wants
to install some sort of UUCP daemon (e.g. the one from inetutils might
use it).  But the user can always add the group on their own when
installing uucpd, if needed.)

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