Pending package updates

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Sun Feb 1 14:18:53 PST 2009

Matthew Burgess wrote:

> Just thought I'd drop a note on the pending package updates I've assigned to
> myself.  I have patches to the book for all of these now.
> However, as expected by looking at ticket #2322, there's slight issues with
> Groff-1.20.1 and its interaction with Man-DB-2.5.3.

My feeling is that you ought to go ahead and commit what you have to -dev, but 
add a note to the appropriate pages describing the problem.  We can always 
revert to an older version of problematic packages and some problems won't 
affect all users.

I'm generally in favor of committing frequently to -dev even if there are 
problems.  It gets issues more into the open and has the potential to get them 
fixed faster.

   -- Bruce

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