LFS Ticket system

Thomas Trepl thomas at equinox.homelinux.org
Sun Feb 1 02:19:18 PST 2009

Hi all,

thanks for picking up this issue - I didn't know where to raise trac related 

> ...
> Nope, still can't create or edit tickets. Also, "Moody" in IRC has
> reported the same problem (actually, he mentioned it first, which is
> what caused me to look at Trac in the first place). Plus, I get exactly
> the same result in both Firefox and Links.
That Moody was me.  Well, you may have a look at a screenshot showing that 
error (http://equinox.homelinux.org/download/lfs-trac-broken-1.png). It also 
occur in Konqueror in which i first have deleted all the cookies, histories, 
cached data and so on.


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