LFS-6.5: 5.26.1. Installation of Patch - small inconsistency

Kevin Buckley kevin.m.buckley at gmail.com
Mon Aug 31 14:58:03 PDT 2009

>> /lfs/patch-2.5.9/patch.c:1327: warning: the use of `mktemp' is
>> dangerous, better use `mkstemp'
> If you look at the code, there is a comment:
> /* It is OK to use mktemp here, since the rest of the code always ...

Thanks for pointing that out but that was not what I was posting about,
but merely the output from the "make" showing the 10/15 references to
the "/bin/ed" define, output which I included for completeness/context.

>> It is interesting (to me anyway) that the patch that gets applied to the build
>> in LFS-6.5:
>> patch-2.5.9-fixes-1.patch
>> actually changes just the one file that the "define" of ed_PROGRAM appears
>> in, namely, pch.c
> A coincidence.

I am sure it is, but it as I may have been the only person to ever go looking
to see where the confusing "/bin/ed" is being used used, I found it interesting
and of course, I did say that it might only be interesting to me.

> If you look at the code, /bin/ed is called only if the patch is
> a actually en ed style patch, otherwise it just prints an error that patch
> couldn't find ed.
> The instructions in BLFS do install ed in /bin.

Yes, I noted this in my original too. In Chap5 (Temp System) the book makes
a big play of telling the builder that things will be installed below
/tools and I
thus thought it might be confusing to see "/bin/ed", indeed the "/bin" with a
pefixed /tools was probably what caught my eye before the "ed" itself.

>  Some BLFS packages do need ed and it is included there for those packages.

Once again, nothing I did not say in my original post, so thanks for confirming

But anyway, I have provided the community with feedback from my experience
and it's obviously not a issue - no harm done and it certainly won't
prevent me from
continuing my latest build - but if someone should wonder about it, the info is
out there.

Hope to feedback any experiences from my User Based Management install
over the next few days.


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