Binutils 'gold' viability?

dean talbot lists at
Sun Aug 23 03:57:56 PDT 2009

Hi guys,

I'd like to ask if any of the more toolchain-savvy list-members have
done any testing of the 'gold' linker that's an option in binutils?

I initially read about it on the Chromium site, and some of the
responses at the bottom of the page sound promising...

...But i've since read elsewhere that it was developed by a Google
employee, so am unsure whether or not to allow for the possibility of
bias in those reports.

The only reference i can find in the archive is in Ryan's 'Sysroot'
post from last December.

I'm planning a new build at the moment and would appreciate any better
versed opinions than my own on this subject.

Thanks in advance,


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