Coreutils i18n patch prevents dash from building

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Sat Aug 15 09:23:14 PDT 2009

On Sat, 15 Aug 2009 09:04:44 -0700, Dan Nicholson <dbn.lists at> wrote:
> On Sat, Aug 15, 2009 at 8:54 AM, Matthew
> Burgess<matthew at> wrote:
>> Ah, it does, but only on an earlier invocation of sort!  So, I guess,
>> for now, BLFS could have a patch to dash to add LC_COLLATE=C to the other
>> call to sort in src/mkbuiltins.
> Yeah, I'd send that upstream and cc Herbert Xu.

Only one problem, it still doesn't help!  The problem is that LANG, which is
set in my /etc/profile, doesn't appear to be overridden by the LC_COLLATE setting.

This appears to go against the standard described at

(from my reading of the above, sort should be inspecting LC_ALL, then

>> Longer-term though, we certainly need to fix up our patch in LFS though.
>> I'd expect it produce the same output in both en_GB and en_GB.UTF-8
>> locales.
> Are you sure that's correct, though? They will only definitely have
> the same output if en_GB and en_GB.UTF-8 are the same locale. UTF-8
> locales usually have different collating rules.

Well, I don't necessarily care about the sort order in this case, but it
certainly shouldn't be losing any data, which is what it's doing at



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