New personal experimental book

Lefteris Dimitroulakis edimitro at
Sat Sep 13 05:12:00 PDT 2008

Στις Saturday 13 September 2008 14:12:00 ο/η Alexander E. Patrakov έγραψε:
> Let's clarify the situation a bit. There are three possible outcomes for
> "man foo" in the ru_RU.UTF-8 locale:
> 1) Glibberish (unacceptable, but, unfortunately, what happens if the system
> is misconfigured by an English-speaking editor who doesn't know how to test
> the configuration)
> 2) "No such manual page" (well, OK if it indeed doesn't exist)
> 3) English manpage (acceptable, although not ideal)
> 4) Russian manpage.
> Reaching (4) means non-default configuration of Man that has to be
> explained. Explanation means understanding by editors. Are you sure that
> English-speaking editors have motivation to understand all the details and
> can immediately see their errors? Do you know that, in the past, some
> English-speaking readers refused to follow the new book after "magic" (from
> their viewpoint, i.e., "not understandable") changes in man setup happened
> and "magic" patches were added to coreutils, grep and diffutils, and that
> we lost some editors due to the same reason? Such "magic" patches undermine
> the educational nature of the book. You see - there is a fundamental
> conflict between "100% correct" and "educational", so a proposal is being
> made to adopt a suboptimal, but easily understandable setup. (no offense
> meant to English-speaking editors and readers in this paragraph)
I see what you mean, but I am afraid I agree with the idea of not
altering system files in /etc dir if it is possible.
What is needed for localization I prefer having it in my personal
files and this is not in the responsibility of the lfs-dev editor to
prepare it for me the lfsuser.
I use for example a trick -stolen from you- in my .bash_profile.
MANPAGER="/usr/bin/iconv -c -f ISO8859-7 | /usr/bin/less -isR"
and works perfectly in el_GR.ISO-8859-7 or el_GR.UTF-8 locale.
Root has always the defaults: the C locale. 
> So: do you mean "it will be very bizarre if lfsbook uses the Man package
> and at the same time produces glibberish" (which I agree with) or "it will
> be very bizarre if lfsbook uses the Man package and at the same time
> patches it to never display translated manual pages, even though they are
> installed"?
> > And yes, I use the default /etc/man.conf.
> > and my personal files for configuration needed in order
> > to read man-pages in the encoding of my preference,
> > legacy or utf8.
> Very interesting, however, on my system, no packages installed Greek manual
> pages. Where you got them from, except the "man" package (that doesn't
> install them if one passes "+lang none")?
Man package contains man-pages in greek among other languages,
and I use the option "+lang all" in my builds.
For the messages in UTF-8 env. I create from the existing catalogues
in legacy enc. the utf8 one's and then man is finding his way with the
help of the NLSPATH env variable contained in my .bash_profile.


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